Friday, January 13, 2012


Rest in peace. Kirby of Minnehaha Creek. Palm Sunday 2006 to Erik's birthday 2011. Eventful dates for an eventful companion. Kirby, yesterday you received your new body. Enjoy it and wait for us. We love you!

Our dog died yesterday morning. Given the state of mourning in this house, you’d think something much, much worse had happened. For the record, our family and life is great. Our parents are living and well, and our children, nieces and nephews are healthy and capable young people. But this dog wormed his way into our hearts and lives in a way that leaves a black vacuum when suddenly removed from us.

Rob and I have always joked that we should write a book about the hilarious things that Kirby does. I always thought that I had a couple more years to pull something together. I’ve been suddenly plunged into a time to write. I have idea of how to write a book, but in the movies someone usually just sits down at the typewriter and begins to type madly. I’m thinking that I’ll start by looking through the hundreds of photos I have of Rob and Kirby and just remember the situation


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Tina Samples said...


I'm so sorry to hear about your dog. We have Gavin, a black lab and he is such a part of our family. I just wanted to encourage you - write the book! It will be something your family will have forever and who knows - God is an amazing God and may do something with it.


Magdalena Rogalska said...

Sweet dog :) Can you look at my blog?

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Praveen RS said...

Such a beautiful dog, i like it

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