Thursday, December 06, 2007

An introduction never made...

Watch this video on YouTube. Blair Wingo does a great job of explaining what is NOT Jesus today. She claims, in her gentle rapping style, that she will re-introduce us to Jesus, but she never quite gets there. What she does is reinforce God's Law, but she doesn't get to the gospel. Not surprising to me, thought, because the Gospel is often missing in evangelical-style evangelism today. But, the Law alone, as preached by Moses in the 10 Commandments, cannot save without being preached along with the good news that Jesus died to pay for our sins because we are incapable of keeping God's Law, incapable of saving ourselves...and incapable of recognizing who Jesus is! Only the Holy Spirit can plant that seed of faith in us when God's Word is proclaimed. Let's hope that her stylistic rap was followed by someone who preached the gospel.

Thanks to Extreme Theology for pointing me to this video!