Sunday, December 19, 2004

Baptism as a Grace Imperative

Daniel over at Random Thoughts of a Confessional Lutheran blog writes on Grace Imperatives.

"Baptism and the Lord’s Supper are also grace imperatives. Christ himself commands both sacraments to us. It takes faith, however, to grasp these commands. Since faith is also a gift of God, we are now in the situation needing a gift in order to embrace other gifts that God promises. God gives us gifts so He can give us more gifts. That is where grace is primary in this whole scheme. Grace is given so we may trust the commands of God so that more grace can be given."

I will never, never forget the shock, awe, overwhelming guilt and overflowing thankfulness I experienced the morning my husband and I were taught this in our Bible Information Class. Tears welled up in my eyes as I realized that I had been rejecting Christ's commands. I turned to my husband and asked for his forgiveness. You see, he had tried to convince me to baptize our children for years, along with his once-LCMS mother, but I proudly defended myself and proclaimed that I was giving my children the gift of being able to decide to be Christians themselves. There was no turning back for us at that point. I think we became confessional Lutherans right then and there.

For the hundredth time...Required reading for readers of this blog: The Miracle of Holy Baptism by John H. at Confessing Evangelical. I think Grace Imperatives will also become required reading! Good job, Daniel. Thanks for teaching us this important concept.


ghp said...

That's a stunningly powerful post, Theresa. Thank you for sharing it.

It's truly a wonderous thing when the Holy Ghost flicks on the switch of faith in us, such that we "get it".


Anonymous said...

Yes, Theresa. Thanks for your blog. It is truly a beautiful place to visit.