Monday, February 28, 2005

How does one switch from the very thing that I am so excited to find?

This post on Here We Stand and Bob Waters commentary really caught my attention. I normally don't comment on a person's private choices, but Dave H. posted on his move himself at Here We Stand, inviting comments.

I don't know much about Anglicanism, although I've learned a lot in the past two years. After spending twenty years adrift in Christianity before discovering a home in confessional Lutheranism, it is incomprehensible to imagine someone leaving. Unless, as Bob suggests, he was never really a confessional Lutheran. I wish Dave H. well...I wish him a deeper understanding of how God saved him and the incredible love He has for. And how we can never, ever atone for our condition of sin. It's just already been taken care of. That's it. Anything else we do is out of deep and uttter gratitude for that gift.

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ghp said...

I've only followed the discussion from the periphery, and not recently enough to know exactly what Bob said; however, I won't let that stop me from making an observation... ;-)

I don't find it too strange that someone would want to take leave of the LCMS. I think about that quite often, given Missouri's increasing forays into heterodoxy.

What I *do* find disconcerting, though, is the willingness to abandon Lutheranism. Public confession is public confession, and Anglicanism falls short on some important doctrinal matters, as does Eastern Orthodoxy (not to mention Rome).

And, IIRC, driving time/geographical proximity also seemed to play a little too much of a role in the jumping over to Canterbury.

In the end, after reading over the reasons for dissolutionment with "American Lutheranism", I can't say that I'm totally shocked he's leaving. That being said, I do hope & pray he revisits the issues when he's not as emotionally raw, so that he can see things a little more clearly.