Friday, July 14, 2006

Uneasy, but secure and happy

Photo found on Google from an open Flickr account by a man named Paul
"So how does it feel to always be helpless and hopeless without the Cross of Christ? Very uneasy because it makes you always dependent on Christ, there is none of you that you can bring on God's table...Uneasy? Maybe, but secure and happy."
~ L.P. Cruz

L.P. Cruz of Extra Nos has just described, in The Basis, the monumental mindset change that God worked in me a couple of years ago. And yet, how wonderfully ironic is it that the uneasy feeling drives you to the cross? Driven not so much out of fear as much as joy and thankfulness for the one who now saves you!

His account is the one "universal" truth I've seen written about by all who ascribe to Luther's story of spiritual conversion. We all have that same story of God convicting us of our sin while simultaneously showing us the fantastic news that we are saved, all through work not of our own. We suddenly realize that that is the gospel: to be in debt and saved all in one swoop. Accomplished through the proclamation of God's Word and not through any action of our own. Even the very seed of faith is planted by God himself. No man can boast that he chose God or chose his own salvation in Christ. It is not possible.

This post really encouraged me this morning!

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