Thursday, October 05, 2006

The Confessional Worldview Seminar is coming soon!

To help everyone get registered in time, the deadline has been extended to Friday, October 13th. Although moving the seminar to Minneapolis from the deep Wisconsin woods and shortening the seminar from a week to 2 1/2 days seemed like REALLY GREAT IDEAS, the result has been a DECREASE :( in registration rather than the expected INCREASE :). We are sure that this is a temporary blip on the screen and so the registration deadline has been extended.

If you have been thinking that you really should attend the 2006 Confessional Worldview Seminar, YOU ARE CORRECT. Where else, for such a low price, can hear, learn from and nosh with six of the best Confessional Lutheran minds in modern times? The worldview seminar is a "free" conference which means that all Lutheran synods and any Christian can meet and discuss the state of confessional Lutheran Christian practice today.

Listen to KKMS for new ads that have been purchased for the seminar. Also, plans are underway to have Craig Parton make a guest radio appearance again. I will post the link when it is official.

If there is anything that is keeping you from attending this event, please do not hestitate to contact me or Pastor Brooks. We will do whatever we can to help you attend (no, we probably won't pay for your airfare, but we'll do just about anything else.) A sitter at a low cost? A free cup of Starbucks espresso each morning? Transportation while in town? A place to stay because a hotel is just out of the question...even the very affordable, but clean Red Roof Inn? Ask! Please come!

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