Friday, November 16, 2007

An old goodbye...

Going through an old computer this morning, I found the letter I wrote to my former church. I think I wrote it one year (5-5-04) after leaving Calvary Lutheran Church in Golden Valley. I hope I sent it. I honestly don't remember.

I am writing to formally notify you that our family has joined King of Grace Evangelical Lutheran Church in Golden Valley. This church is part of the Evangelical Lutheran Synod. I hope that you will be interested in knowing the reasons for our desire to leave Calvary Lutheran Church and the ELCA.

1. The lack of depth of the youth confirmation program. I greatly value the true confirmation program I participated in under Pastor Nelson in the 1970’s. As a confirmation leader two years ago, I was shocked to learn that we would never formally study Luther’s teachings or memorize key scripture and confessions.

2. The very blatant anti-war sentiment put forth by the pastors, especially Pastor Lynn and the refusal to pray for our local and national elected leaders and citizens serving in the military;

3. The ELCA stance on many matters, including exploring the acceptance of homosexuality and women serving as pastors.

4. Calvary’s pronounced leaning toward evangelical and reformed doctrines through seminars, congregational programs (Maxwell, Schueller, Hybels and others) and Sunday school curriculum.

I am no pastor and would not be able to adequately debate any of these issues with you. I can only tell you that I have searched for a scripturally-sound Christian church for the past 20 years and have finally found a true home in the Evangelical Lutheran Synod.

This decision was at least two years in the making and I had many conversations about it with several pastors and leaders. Calvary was my home since 1972 and I shed quite a few tears at the point I knew I had to separate myself from your teachings. I am quite sure that, beyond a polite “We will miss you.”, our family will not be missed because Calvary is headed away from biblical truths and into a state of constantly fluctuating beliefs not founded in inerrant scripture. I personally know of two other families who have left for these very same reasons and one other that is currently considering leaving.

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