Friday, January 04, 2008

Koehler's A Summary of Christian Doctrine: The Holy Scriptures, pt 2

If we wish to convey our thoughts to a person, we must do so in a language he understands. Because the Word of God was intended for human beings to learn and to know, it was necessary that it be revealed in words of human language, intelligible to human minds. The Word of God does not work like a magic formula which need not be understood, but we must learn and know what it means (emphasis mine). In searching the Scriptures we must, therefore, use our knowledge of language and grammar, us the faculties of our mind to discover the sense and meaning of what we read, and we may then formulate our findings into doctrinal statements, or creeds, as we do in the Confessions of our Church. Such instrumental use of our mental faculties is proper and necessary if we would know the Scriptures.

We must learn and know what it means....For me, this sentence illustrates the change in my own life over the last few years. Although I was a Christian and I believed that the Bible was God's inspired word, it did not mean much to me in my daily life beyond a list of do's and do not's. People I knew would "claim" Bible verses and memorize them (out of context) in hopes it would come true in their lives. I still know people who do this and I have NEVER seen it work. My goal now is to know scripture and to understand what it means in context of the passage, chapter and book.

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