Thursday, March 20, 2008

Issues, Etc. cancellation

Issues, Etc., the popular and nationally broadcast was suddenly and without any warning removed from the air and its hosts were fired. The official statement by the LCMS-owned radio station, KFUO, explains virtually nothing:

For programmatic and business reasons, the decision was made this week to discontinue the "Issues, Etc." program on KFUO-AM. We look forward to bringing you new programming in this time slot in the near future. Also, we thank "Issues" host Rev. Todd Wilken and producer Mr. Jeff Schwarz for their years of service on behalf of the station.

Lutherans everywhere are saddened at the loss of a venue which could bring people of faith together across the country for an hour or two. They are also amazed at the cold, callous and non-sensical nature of the cancellation. In the radio world, sudden cancellations are hardly unusual, but in the Lutheran world I guess we expected a bit more from the powers that be. The show was their MOST LISTENED TO PROGRAM, with plenty of sponsors.

The show archives are back up and will be available for who knows how long. Pastor Todd Wilken has sent show listeners a message of thanks for the prayers and gifts of cash to him and his producer, who are suddenly out of work:

My thanks to everyone who has been so generous and supportive. Thank you for demonstrating such brotherly concern toward me, Jeff and our families. We are encouraged by everyone's Christian compassion and friendship.

Everyone, go to church. Eat and drink the body and blood of Jesus. Celebrate His death for us. Await His resurrection. It's Holy Week - the best week of the year.

Wir sind alle Bettler,


If you would like to sign a petition, go here. If you would like to offer financial assistance to Pastor Wilken and Mr. Schwarz as they make this difficult and sudden transistion, The Wittenberg Trail is organizing a drive to offer financial support. They have set up a secure PayPal account. Follow the directions at the Wittenberg Trail website(free membership may be required) and click on the "Donate" button on the right side of the screen. Visit The Wittenberg Trail at:

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Rob Olson said...

Thanks for this post and your blog!

Why aren't more pastors speaking out? Many have, indeed, even many from outside of Lutheranism. But I am still wondering why more pastors are not speaking out about Jeff and Todd like you are, even those pastors who are at the seminaries and/or the "regular guests" of the program. They are still pastors, right? Thanks for promoting the petition here.

Jeff and Todd are good, faithful men, and what has happened to them is just plain wrong. Why are so many remaining silent? There is no Jim and Tammy scandal here, as the silence of the Synod might suggest about their character. Other pastors should stand with their faithful brothers in Christ who are taking on the chin for the gospel of Christ!

To your readers, I would like to ask them if their pastors have signed the Issues, Etc. petition. If not, please encourage them to do so. If they are reluctant or refuse to sign the petition, then ask them why. You might learn something about where they stand theologically.

Blessings to all,.

Rob Olson
Zion Lutheran Church
Marshall, MI