Saturday, February 06, 2010

Fear And The Word, part 2

I had a wonderful conversation with a co-worker last night. We had both stayed late on a Friday night, which in hindsight is rather unusual. I was making up time and she was getting things organized for her vacation next week. As we walked back and forth in the office, each taking care of our business, I kept noticing that something just wasn't right with her. A well-meaning friend had cast judgment on her based on nothing but speculation and fear. We were led into a long discussion of our former backgrounds in fundamentalist Christian practice, discovering balanced law and gospel churches, the depravity of our souls and our wonderful gift of undeserved grace and of the true meaning of freedom in Christ. It was obvious to both of us that God had ordained that very moment at the copier where we suddenly were open to each other's state of being. And it wasn't just me somehow reassuring her through Christ's words; I was also healed and refreshed in a very unexpected way. I HATE mushy stuff like that, which made it all the more amazing! :)

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