Saturday, May 14, 2005

Love and Blunder on contemporary worship

Rob's post on contemporary worship is a good follow-up to my post from a few days ago. Good worship songs certainly can be sung in a contemporary way (guitar, flute, whatever instruments the worshippers are able to obtain). I've read accounts of mission churches that only had a guitar or other local instruments and these simple instruments were used to conduct a divine liturgical service. I suppose that, in a way, fancy organs and grand pianos played by musical experts are really a sign of our country's vast wealth compared to many other countries. My point has always been that the lyrics should clearly match with scripture and should clearly summarize the good news of how we are saved from our sins.

Rob, a former member/worship leader at a large contemporary Christian church, writes in Love and Blunder">Leave my burdens where?

The other day, a good friend of ours was telling us about worship services at her church. After listening to the White Horse Inn episode on Happy Clappy Worship, which points out the glaring lack of suffering in many of today's worship songs, she remarked "Yeah, at my church they tell you to leave all your burdens at home before coming to church."

I've heard this sort of thing hundreds of times. I led worship leader throughout high school and college for a number of churches--I probably even said it a few times.

Now, the statement makes me cringe. If we are not allowed to bring our troubles to church, where are we supposed to take them?
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