Tuesday, August 16, 2005

Tabletalk will be held outside tonight!

Join Us At The Table!

Today is Tuesday which means that it will be our mass gathering of confessional Lutherans in the chat channel I've told you all about, TableTalk. Since it is so nice outside, we will move it outdoors at the picnic tables behind the lodge under the great pines, the setting sun, rising moon and twilight stars. Fine cigars are always welcome, beer in moderation; young and old alike are welcome. It is sure to a good night for mutal consolation of the saints.

While the channel is always open, we're trying to gather specifically on Tuesday nights for great discussion. If you're interested in dropping by (9 p.m. EST 6 p.m. PST), the instructions are here . We used to keep a list of the blogkeepers and blog readers who have already stopped by, but the list grew too long! Hope to see you there!

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