Tuesday, April 11, 2006

Does revelation continue?

Beefstew-inator posts an excellent review of the book, A Different Jesus: The Christ of the Latter-Day Saints, and gives excellent commentary on an important point. He is not the first to comment on the growing similarities between many evangelicals and Mormons. I agree with his assessment that the belief that God is continuing to give new revelations to people is behind their coming together. While no orthodox Christian would dare to be God's spokesman in saying that there are no prophets and no revelations today, the abuse of the two is very apparent to all. In fact, the abuse was a major factor in my leaving Evangelicalism. He makes this excellent point:

If the ...Pope or almost any Evangelical can say "God told me..." and claim that it was from God and then base their church's formal teaching or personal life on it, why can't the Mormons?

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