Sunday, January 14, 2007

Lutheran Carnival XLI: The Post Season

Dan at Necessary Roughness has posted Lutheran Carnival XLI*. Dan has a way of tying together life and sports to which my family and I can relate. Dan creatively groups the posts by topic:

Lutheran Carnival XLI is divided into the three phases of game play in American football: Offense, Defense, and Special Teams. Offense will carry posts that address thinking outside the Christian faith. Defense will carry those posts that defend the faith. Special Teams are posts either by teams or require special treatment.
In Lutheran Carnival tradition, Dan introduces us to another Lutheran we should all know, Phillip Nicolai...

Philipp was a second-generation pastor in Germany, born in 1556 and died in 1608. He preached during a time when both Roman Catholics and Calvinists were making life difficult to be a Lutheran: he had to flee several times or preach in house meetings. In 1601 he was elected chief pastor of Saint Katherine’s in Hamburg, finishing out his life in 1608 with a violent fever.

Nicolai is best remembered for two of my favorite hymns/chorales: “Wake, Awake, For Night is Flying” (LSB 516, TLH 609) and “O Morning Star, How Fair and Bright” (LSB 395, TLH 343). It seems the Morning Star hymn has been translated a couple of times. The hymn’s tune, Wir Schön Leuchtet, has been appropriated for five hymns in LSB, a testimony to its versatility and popularity. It’s beautiful stuff; I’ll be happy to play it for the locals.

Phillip Nicolai

Be sure to read the many good posts of this edition of the esteemed Lutheran Carnival! Great job, Dan!

* If you're like me and realize that your knowledge of Roman numerals ended a few carnivals back, Nova Roma gives a short explanation of each symbol If you're rushed, you can use their handy converter.

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