Tuesday, January 30, 2007

What to think about the ELS...

Warning: I've broken my rule about how blogs should never serve as one's diary.

I read something this morning at Norman's Demense that caused me to think. Norman wrote:

As a layman in the ELS, I resent those who wanted to fight out their respective WELS/LC-MS positions in the ELS.

I never thought about the current dissension in the ELS in that way, but it certainly makes sense to me. My perspective is greatly colored, of course, by my view of the ELS and King of Grace as my refuge...my adopted homeland. I have one big fault in that I hate change and struggle with it (sorry to break my own rule about blogs NEVER being diaries). I am so ANGRY to be forced to study and try to understand issues that I didn't create and barely understand. It does seem to me, though, that the ELS has been held to some higher standard of conduct because of the perception that we had our house in order and had achieved some kind of purity of doctrine. (If you don't agree with that, fine, don't tell me about it. You can't deny that some held that position).

Then I read this morning something at an anonymous blog, creatively referring to trouble in paradise, that my own church is instituting contemporary worship. Funny thing is that, as a member, I know nothing about this. It's probably not even true, but it's being said. In the name of a fight for doctrinal purity? Really? When I fled Evangelicalism, I wanted a refuge and now I have a nightmare. It's unfair, no?

So, let's summarize what Theresa wants from life: predictability, unity, stability, fairness, kindness, purity, perfection, truth and bravery. And I'm expecting in this lifetime! I'm a great thinker, aren't I? I'm ripe for heaven, I suppose. I'm so-o-o glad I took the morning off to get my car fixed. It gave me lots of time to productively read Lutheran blogs. Yikes! Too much free time isn't good for me.

Update: The thought has occurred to me that what Lutheranism has to offered Evangelical refugees is not a peaceful refuge, but a land where doctrine matters. This new land I now live in isn't always peaceful, except maybe on Christmas Eve, but the battle is important. So, for me to stand and yell, "Let's all just live in peace." really just puts me back in Evangelicalism where everyone consoles themselves by saying, "Let's all just love Jesus."

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