Sunday, March 06, 2005

Update on "Is Christianity Broken?"

I've been watching Cerulean Sanctum for comments to Dan's post, "Is Christianity Broken?". Dan did add his comments to my response post, clarifying his point. Tonight I was surprised to read a voice from my past in the comments section of his blog tonight. It is an anonymous comment, but I know that voice way too well. The comments are not reflective of Dan's excellent and helpful blog. I don't speak of the anonymous person, but of the evil influencing him/her. It is the voice of Satan telling saved Christians they still aren't good enough for heaven, that they haven't done enough yet to please God. The voice that denies scripture by saying that the Holy Spirit is something that you must be filled with AFTER "accepting" Jesus into your heart. That voice that confuses Christians into believing that they can acheive some god-like state here on earth. I am so thankful to have walked away from that perversion of Christianity!

"Christianity in the modern western world isn't broken, it has failed and continues to fail. God has not failed us, WE have failed God. Most people have no interest in overcoming sin. They do not want to know what dying to self means. In short, they do not want to be filled with the Holy Spirit. This cuts across ALL groups and denominations. These are diseases called self and flesh and pride. They have infected every Christian group, whether charismatic, evangelical, fundmentalist or any other. Some of the groups that claim to be Full Gospel are the worst. I beleive only a small group of people in the United States (Maybe one percent of the whole population, at best) have any interest in obeying Jesus. They are not a part of any single group or denomination. They are the only reason God has not already destroyed this country. Everyone else just makes excuses. Jesus will reward those who OVERCOME SIN."

I hope that no one decides to accuse me of denying that there is any victory over sin through Jesus. There certainly is! That's not what the anonymous comments are speaking about. Do you think I'm overreacting? It is interesting that our Bible Study this morning was on sanctification. I will be posting on that topic this week. Our pastor gave an excellent lesson on that important topic. How do we know we are saved and going to heaven? The Bible tells us so!


JS Bangs said...

This is a great post, Theresa. Don't listen to that voice--it will destroy you and rob God of His glory. Is there victory over sin in Jesus? Of course there is, but it comes from the Holy Spirit at work in you, not your own self-willed adherence to a moral code. This idea is destruction. Good job for calling BS when you saw it.

TKls2myhrt said...

Thanks, JS. I did listen to that voice for a long time and, as you know, it did nearly destroy me and my faith. That idea truly is destruction and comes from the prince of destruction.