Wednesday, April 06, 2005

Introducing Preach. Teach. Confess

Thanks to Intolerant Elle for leading me to a new confessional Lutheran blog. It is called Preach. Teach. Confess. Here's their self-description:

Preach. Teach. Confess.
As young Lutheran pastors for the old Lutheran truths, we pray that this site provides a beneficial forum for the discussion of Lutheran doctrine and practice, contact between fellow Wisconsin Synod Lutherans and those interested in confessional Lutheranism throughout the country, and some good clean fun. This is not an "official" site for any group. What is said here only represents the teachings of the Lutheran Church in so far as it accurately presents Scripture and the Lutheran Confessions.

Looks like they also have well-rounded lives and comment on the important issues of the day, like baseball and politics! I think I'll enjoy reading this blog. Welcome, men!

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Pastor Johnston said...

Thank you for the welcome. Hopefully we can keep things interesting.