Friday, April 01, 2005

Mattworks: He definitely grew up in a house of love!

Mattworks tackles weighty issues, extremely well for the ripe old age of 22, in The Misunderstood Christian:

Christians are sure annoying, aren't they? Always going around trying to impress they're beliefs on you and "Bible thumpin'" you over the head. Christians are such hypocrites too, OMG. I can't believe they judge people all the time and they're not any better themselves! What makes them so much better than everyone else anyways? Don't they know that the Bible says that God loves everyone? Jeeze, Christians are so brainwashed, they can't even think for themselves. They need a book to tell them how to live! And what's with all the denominations anyways, they can't even figure it out. Those people just made up the Christian religion to feel better about themselves. The world is crap anyways, everyone knows that. All the church wants is my money. Christians are so close-minded.

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