Tuesday, April 12, 2005

Not Liberal, but Generic...

It has been discussed here and elsewhere that generic American Evangelicalism is having a negative, destructive affect on many denominations, turning many churches into generic, cross-less, positive-thinking social clubs. Bunnie Diehl blog writes about the effect that American Evangelicalism is having on denominations that used to keep more to themselves, see Not Liberal, but Generic.

I just started reading D.G. Hart's Deconstructing Evangelicalism. I found it ironically interesting that Hart proposes that:

"Evangelicalism needs to be relinquished as a religious identify because it does not exist. In fact, it is the wax nose of American Protestantism...it is a face void of any discernible features. The nonexistence of an evangelical identity may prove to be, to borrow a phrase from (Mark) Noll, the real scandal of modern evangelicalism."

So then, if D.G. Hart, who is a Presbyterian (I believe) sees the dangers of the American Evangelical movement, then we, as Lutherans, need also to be ready to defend gospel when fellow Lutherans suggest creating "seeker-friendly" worship, less "offensive" communion practices, etc.

I've only read one chapter of this book and can't wait to keep reading.!


Joel S. Gehrke said...


I am biased against Presbyterian complaints on this score because Calvinism is the most persuasive gospel look alike decoy out there. My bias answers to any complaint by a Presbyterian concerning widespead obfuscation of the Gospel: "Thanks, Mr. Pot- Calling-the-Kettle-Black".

I just say that in the interest of disclosure. It doesn't mean the man has nothing to say.

So, do you still like this book three weeks later?


TKls2myhrt said...

I got sidetracked with a study of Ecclesiastes, but I will get back to the book. I agree with what you are saying. I found it very ironic that he is urging people to be on guard, when we would our people to be on guard for his church's teachings.