Friday, July 29, 2005

Preachrblog: Issues, Etc. radio program on Lutheran bloggers

Preachrblog posts on Issues, Etc's recent program on Lutheran bloggers. I recently discovered this program. Coming from the ELS, it is amazing to me to think that a synod would have their own radio station, but the Missouri Synod is that big. I plan to go through the show's archives and find shows of interest to me.

It was fun to hear the voice of Pastor Scott Steigemeyer, author of Burr in the Burgh blog. I suppose that is the first time I've heard the voice of a blogger (except for the voices of Northern Alliance Radio Network bloggers!). I don't know Sandra Ostopowich, author of Madre's Missives blog, but she had some good comments to make also. I was confused and disappointed to hear the show's moderator, Todd Wilken, take a cynical tone toward bloggers. I suppose the bad bloggers among us has colored the view of some people, but I think that blogging is here to stay and that the responsible ones will continue. Whether you blog in a magazine format, a diary format or as an apprentice writer, I encourage you to continue! Be responsible, always accurately research your topic and remember that real people read your comments (maybe even the person you think you are secretly writing about). Read the post here: Preachrblog


defensor1517 said...

I've been asked to make sure all Lutheran BLOG sites are aware of, and are promoting, a great new book out from Concordia Publishing Company. Thank you.

Here it is:

TKls2myhrt said...

I wrote Pastor Wilken a letter and am hoping he will respond. What do you think?

Dear Rev. Wilken,

I listened to your program for the first time yesterday. I am amazed that your synod has its own radio station! What a great resource for Lutherans. I am a new confessional Lutheran and belong to the ELS. I was raised in the ELCA (ALC) and then spent 20 years as a generic "evangelical". Pretty soon upon finding the joy of scriptural truths in confessional lutheran practice, I began writing about my experiences. I was introduced to blogging my another Christian and it was a perfect fit. I never dreamed that my blog would be read by many people; instead I just wanted to write my life stories in a format that I could share with others. Within a couple of weeks of starting my blog, I discovered the blog, Random Thoughts of a Confessional Lutheran. From this blog, I found a treasure chest of other confessional Lutheran bloggers. Among my favorites, and there are so many, are Bunnie Diehl, a World Mag blogger/journalist from Washington DC; Confessing Evangelical, written by young lawyer, father and husband in London; Beggars All, which you already know; and Love and Blunder, written by a young Lutheran couple. My life has been richly blessed by reading the stories of other confessional Lutherans. I believe we encourage and strengthen each other in God's Word.

Getting back to your program, I am writing about the program on blogging with Pastor Scott Steigemeyer and Sandra Ostopowich. You said that one complaint you have about those who keep blogs is that they often don't directly address the person they are discussing, so I decided that I would let you know my thoughts on your segment on blogging. You also mentioned irresponsiblity of subejct matter and wasting of their own time. I don't think you gave bloggers a very fair portrayal. Not that what you said was untrue, because there are many people who are irresponsible in their activities and blogging is no exception. However, I must tell you that my experience in the confessional Lutheran blogosphere has been very positive. This group of writers is very careful and considerate in keeping their blogs. There are a couple of "young bulls", but they are the exception. We keep each other accountable and on our toes. The Lutheran blogospher does a great job of policing its own. As far as good use of time, most of the blogs I read are written by adults with active careers and families. They don't have time to waste "blogging"; they are writers wrestling with the issues of our day and sharing their thoughts with each other. This can be done around kids' busy schedules, early in the morning before work, late at night or over a lunch break.

Most of us learned in HIGH SCHOOL how to properly research a topic and cite material. I have found that MOST bloggers are as responsible, and usually MORE, than the journalists and writers of our day. Sure, there are irresponsible writers who keep a blog...and irresponsible radio announcers...and pastors...the list could go on. It is my experience that the confessional Lutheran blogosphere puts much thought and prayer went into our posts. Sure, we all blow it once in a while, get (deserved) negative feedback. We then rewrite or remove the piece.

Maybe you just aren't one to spend much time at a computer and I can appreciate that. Keep in mind, though, that the computer is just the tool bloggers use to write and communicate. How could I ever have met people from all over the country who share my same faith in a very powerful and loving God? Don't think us us as merely "bloggers"; we are confessional Lutherans, prayerfully writing our thoguhts and sharing our faith through an online format. I know that I will certainly be giving Issues, Etc. another try.