Friday, July 01, 2005

Tablethoughts for 7/1

In regard to John's comment about Tabletalk times being just a bit late for the folks in the UK, I thought I'd post on the idea of opening the pub a little earlier on Tuesdays. I'm often home by 4pm which would be 9pm in the UK (I think). Maybe that time would work for others. I'll post this and see what the innkeepers say. It seems to me that people show up at the table a wide range of times. I know for me that the current time is very difficult - lots of family duties at that time. I often stop by at 8pm, chat for a bit, leave and then come after 10pm. There's still lots of folks there. People like Theology Geek and others have to get up early, so they leave by 10pm ET.

The dynamics of the Tabletalk Inn is interesting. Most people know WAY more than me about doctrine and theology, which is a good thing. Age is another thing; I've run into a whopping TWO people who are older than me. There are only occasionaly synodical differences. The other dynamic for me is that my own kids give me looks, as they patiently (not!) wait their turn on the family computer. They look at me as if to say, "Why are you in a CHAT room, mother? That's for our age group." Of course, they don't know I was in the AOL chatrooms when they were actually ASLEEP by 8pm way back in the old days of the mid to late 90's - scrapbooking, parenting, faith, etc. It's OK...I'll just let them think I'm weird. What's the point of trying to defend myself? I'll get my revenge! I think a sports car, new lap top and new clothes RIGHT when they are poor college graduates will do just fine. Me and my friend, Suzi, will taunt our grown kids and bribe them to come for weekly dinners with offers of laundry, groceries, etc.


CPA said...

Don't talk about Tabletalk! The computer eats enough of my time already! I have to resist the temptation!

TKls2myhrt said...

True! Tabletalk is yet one more distraction. Sometimes it is just silly, but that's OK. I do like Wildboar's claim that it is mutual consolation of the saints. I don't know if the time will be there when school starts back up, but I'm enjoying it this summer. I'll try to make room on the calendar for Tuesdays all year. I think it is a great meeting tool. Stop by Atwood! We'll call out your name like Norm on Cheers!

ghp said...

The thing that makes it tough for me is that it starts at 8pm, which is right when we're starting to put our son to bed. After that process is over, I've usually forgetten about Tabletalk. Bad excuse, I know, but it works for me... ;-)

Tonight I won't be able to make it because I'll be at an Elders meeting at church.

I'm gonna try to be better about showing up there, though!


TKls2myhrt said...


I think you are eastern time, but I'm not sure. I know for me that I usually check in around 8pm central, leave to pick up kids from wherever and then come back. The fun thing is that there are different people on at different times. Some are on at 7pm, some at 8pm, at 9pm and even at 10pm. There are people in the rocky mt. time and west coast zones, too. Also, there are people online every single night. I usually check back in on Wednesdays and Thursdays. The Tabletalk Pub is a cool place to gather!

ghp said...

Actually, I'm in the NW corner of Indiana that's basically a part of Illinois for the purposes of time zone -- i.e., we follow CST/CDT just like Chicago.

If Minnesota is the land of 10,000 lakes, then Indiana is the land of 10,000 time zones! LOL!