Tuesday, September 13, 2005

Book review: Luther, the Reformer

Luther, the Reformer, by James M. Kittelson, is a book on my reading list. Northwestern Publishing House says:

A powerful and readable life story of the great reformer. This single-volume biography has become a standard resource for those who wish to delve into the depths of the REformer without drowning in a sea of scholarly concerns.

My pastor, David Russow, writes:

Of the many books about the Reformer, this is one of the best! It reads in an understandable, engaging, friendly, and flowing manner. The only drawback for some might be the Latin terms that appear now and then; but they are explained. This book would be a great gift for those who appreciate the message and the man, and for those who would benefit from learning about both!


Mutti said...

This is the first book I read as I became Lutheran.

ghp said...


Pr. Russow is quite correct -- Kittelson's book is the best biography of Luther that I've yet read. It's meaty enough to satisfy one's hankerin' for quality, fact-based & -laden, scholarship, while also being properly cognizent of Luther's theology. And it's written with a light enough touch to be very engaging & pleasant to read.

Once you get into it, you won't want to put it down!