Saturday, November 05, 2005

Answers to quiz by Amor et Labor

Amor et Labor asks folks to:

Put an E next to those issues (whatever your position) for which you would Die.
Put a BE next to those items for which you would Divide.
Put an A next to those items that are okay to disagree about.
Put an ? next to those items you don't know about or need to learn about.

Trinity: E
Divinity of Jesus: E
Literal Resurrection: E
Full Humanity of Jesus: E
Nature of the Lords Supper: E
Common Cup: A
Justification: E
Sanctification: E
Intinction: ?
Disposable Cups at Communion: A
Nature of Baptism: E
Age of Baptism: E
Mode of Baptism (sprinkling or dunking): A
Necessity of Holy Spirit Baptism: BE
Ordination of Women: BE
Ordination of Homosexual people: BE
Sacramental Marriage: A
Virgin birth: E
Perpetual virginity of Mary: A
Authority of Scripture: E
Authority of Tradition: BE
Inerrancy of Scripture: E
Use of Images in worship: BE
Specific translation of Scripture: A
Baptismal Regeneration: E
Decisional Regeneration: BE
Supralapsarianism/Infralapsariansim (order of decrees):?
Human nature after the Fall: E
Nature of the Atonement: E
One Person, two Natures: E
The Filioque: ?
Church Membership for Practicing Homosexual people: A, then BE if openly condoned
Rapture: BE
Millennium: BE
Primacy of the Word: ?
Beer: BE
Dancing: BE
Playing Cards: BE
Premarital Sex: BE
Postmarital Sex: BE
Healing continues: BE
Tongues continue: BE
Literal Hell: E
Literal Devil: E
The Rapture: Didn't we have this before? BE
Apocrypha (inclusion in Canon): BE
James (inclusion in Canon): BE
Revelation (inclusion in Canon): BE
Private Confession: A
Burial versus Cremation: A
Divorce: BE
Entire Sanctification: ?

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