Wednesday, November 24, 2004

Introducing Theology Geek blog

Today, I stumbled upon Theology Geek blog by Jason S. Evans. Actually, I believe that somebody... I think Daniel of Random Confessions blog, introduced him a while back on his blog as well, but I can't find that post. Anyway, I checked out Jason's blog because of this comment posted to Here We Stand's post by Chris Williams on How To Get People to Care...?

I am just coming into Lutheranism from being a reformed Baptist. My previous church actually grew tremendously when theology started being taught from the pulpit and on Wednesday nights. I think a lot of people want more out of church than a country club, but most churches are so "purpose driven", all they get is bland country-club Christianity. I think if the pastor or someone in the congregation is a good Bible teacher, then some of deeper things should be explored. There's nothing wrong with studying a book on systematic theology or the Book of Concord with your congregation. At least the congregation will know that this stuff is important, and not just the irrelevant thoughts of a bunch of old dead guys.

I am always interested, intrigued and encouraged when I find other recent coverts to true Lutheranism from "generic evangelicalism" and I try to highlight them on this blog as an encouragement for others. I am still reading through his blog and will continue this holiday weekend (when I'm not at the rink for son's big hockey tournament!).

Happy Thanksgiving to all!

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Jason said...

Thanks for the kind words and the plug for my blog. I really appreciate it. I am adding a link to yours as well.