Wednesday, June 08, 2005



I love the new Tabletalks and am glad for the opportunity to have live, realtime conversations with other Lutherans. Live chatting is quite different from posting thoughts to a blog. The nature of blogging, although often done quickly, gives the writer a chance to consider his or her words before posting and deleting any regretted or reconsidered thoughts. Not so with live chats. Once you say something, your words are floating forever in cyberspace.

I did not sleep well last night. It might have been due to thunderstorms, but I suspect it is due to regret over careless things I said at the table. Let me go on record as saying this about myself. I read ALOT, I study ALOT, I ask ALOT of questions of people. I'm not sure what good actually comes of that; I often think that I'm the jack of all trades, expert of nothing. I have NO business making any statements about synods, including my own. I have a great desire for church fellowship amongst Lutherans who can confess Christ's teachings together, but we sinners live in an imperfect world and it is probably safe to say that there will never be a day that Christ's invisible church mirrors any visible church, synod or denomination.

And so I offer my apology to anyone who I have offended. My own opinions and comments are based solely on my own experiences and conversations. I live in my own little world and I can only give others the weather report from my world. Many of you know so much more than I do and I love listening to you. Thanks for being patient with my arrogance, stupidity and careless words.

I have no ministry; I would never dare to say such a thing. I only write and speak my own thoughts for mostly selfish reasons. Writing helps me make sense of my brief time here on earth. I know that my words have helped people before, but I am positive I have also hurt people with my words. My only hope is that I am able to point others to the cross of Jesus Christ. It is the place I found hope for living and hope for eternity with God.

I look forward to more talks around the table, but I hope to remember to pray first.

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