Wednesday, June 01, 2005

My library is growing...

I splurged and ordered several books today:

two leather-bound indexed Concordia Study Bibles for my two Lutheran school students at a very low price

Two books by Harold Senkbeil - Where in the World is God and Sanctification

A book on the life of Paul and his journeys

The Lord Will Answer

Concordia: The Lutheran Confessions - A Reader's Edition of the Book of Concord


Mutti said...

Oh, if we were neighbors I would raid your library!

TKls2myhrt said...

Can you tell I'm celebrating no tuition in the summers?

Mutti said...

You could say that...or put a positive spin on it and declare that you are using the materials to homeschool your family.

TKls2myhrt said...

That is definitely what we are doing! ha! Actually, the kids need the Bibles for school and I prefer the Concordia edition of the study bibles for them. I am so exicted to read the Senkbeil book on Sanctification! I have waited months to get it. I'm also exited to read the two books from CPH that Pastor McCain has plugged on his blog. One combines the church calendar and Luther's Small Catechism and the other is that new book of Concord - which every Christian should have (and I don't). I really want to order the book you showed on your blog, too. I enjoy anything by Gene Veith!

Bob Waters said...

Harold Senkbiehl rocks! I used the Sanctification book in my last ***A parish, and it was probably responsible for most of whatever Lutheranizing got done during my tenure there.

Personally, I'm looking forward to the advent of the ESV study Bible from CPH. I have several copies of the NIV one, and while the notes are reasonably good...well, it's NIV.

The Terrible Swede said...

Mrs. Kiihn,

Erica and I aren't familiar with the books by Senkbeil or NPH for that matter.

We have a Concordia Study Bible - I bought it for Erica's graduation - but it's NIV and OK.

Our most recent additions (due to our new employment for both of us!) include the new Lutheran Prayer Book, "Church and Ministry" by CFW Walther, and "Historical Introductions to the BOC" by F. Bente.

The last book was most useful in my study that I led at Immanuel Ev. LCMS on the Augustana this past semester. I had borrowed an older copy from my pastor, Allen Hoger.

Now if we can just get a bigger place for our books and ourselves. :)

TKls2myhrt said...

I've been reading the Sanctification book this weekend. It's incredible. I had been reading D.G. Hart's Deconstructing Evangelicalism and found it helpful in understanding what the current American Evangelical movement really is. But now reading Senkbeil's book, which I know comes from a confessional Lutheran perspective and was written about 15 years before Hart's book, I finally understand exactly what the movement is. I can finally answer my own question, "What is an Evangelical?" The answer is very simple. I will post on it soon.

Ron, the NPH is the WELS publishing house. The ELS has a publishing house, Bethany, but it has no website.