Monday, October 03, 2005

What You Do, Do Quickly: I'm Always the Last to Know.

A new, apparently anonymous, blog-keeper has emerged with posts near and dear to my heart. What you do, do quickly, is the blog. S/he has burst out of the gate quickly with some great posts.

I'm Always the Last to Know. speaks to the odd dilemma of appearing to be a member of a sect merely for sticking to your guns on doctrine.

"I just found out that I am a member of a sect. Not just one person, but two people told me that Confessional Lutheranism is a sect. One was a nominal Baptist, the other was a Lutheran pastor. This news surprized me at first. I've been a Lutheran all my life. My family is Lutheran on one side as far back as we can count. Did Mom and Dad know? How long has this been going on?" Read on...

What befuddles me about the Evangelical world (as defined by Ted Haggard of N.A.E.) is that they alternately embrace a wide variety of doctrine (calling it "true" diversity), even to the point of conflicting doctrine, yet lay a title of sect upon people who attempt to stand firm on doctrine. This contradiction certainly was partly responsible for me leaving the Evangelical world after twenty years.

Bored and Embarrassed Lutherans is another good post on the reverse problem of poorly catechized Lutherans falling to the temptation to abandon their spiritual hertitage.

"We've all seen it: Lutherans playing Evangelicals. These bored Lutherans worship like evangelicals and preach like evangelicals. Inevitably they start believing the anemic moralism of non-denominationalism." Read on...

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ghp said...

Thanks for the heads-up on this, Theresa!

Good, old-fashioned, plain talking & a willingness to stand up & be Lutheran -- I like it!!