Thursday, October 13, 2005

Cranach: Christianity and culture with a Lutheran Twist

Shamelessly stolen from one of my favorite bloggers, Glen of Territorial Bloggings:

A most hearty welcome goes out to the newest member of the Worldmagblog family to come online, the Cranach blog!

The Cranach blog is an offshoot of the Cranach mailing/discussion list. Per the “about” section on the Cranach blog’s main page,

Lucas Cranach was a good friend of Martin Luther’s, who became a great artist. He was also a businessman who ran a pharmacy and the printing shop that published Luther’s translation of the Bible. He was also something of a politician, who served on the Wittenberg town council and for awhile was mayor of the city. As a layman who lived out his faith in his various callings, Cranach embodies the Reformation doctrine of vocation. In the spirit of Lucas Cranach, this blog will discuss issues of Christianity and culture with a Lutheran twist.

Cranach is a good mailing/discussion list, but I’m really looking forward to the blog! Dr. Veith is an amazing intellect, and has written a boatload of great books, so I’m anticipating that Cranach will be a hugely beneficial addition to the blogosphere.

Check it out!!!

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